I’ve been doing what I do for a fairly long time. Along the way, I’ve balanced various roles: International Human Rights Activist and Philanthropist, Educationalist and Spiritual Healer, World Peace Ambassador and Speaker cum Motivation Guru, International Diplomat Advocacy, Professor Interdisciplinary Studies Social Worker and Author of his own biography Journey of a Curious Mind and Veracity of Truth. I’ve directed and been involved in many initiatives around the world, with education systems and with corporate, cultural and community organizations. Here’s the formal version:

Dr. Jagannath Patnaik – A peerless quintessence of an accomplished scholarly flamboyant, an altruistic exhilarant, a distinguished academician appraising dynamism in academic research, beloved mentor/Guru, a charismatic administrator, renowned management expert valuing industrial administration and others being, a rare academic icon, aligning the educational probity, sustaining the conduit of an University’s synergistic collaboration in the entire possible realm of development envisioning the kaleidoscopic viability of a society, a nation; to make our nation, a global crown.

An eminent and ignited author of his nationally acknowledged books- JOURNEY OF A CURIOUS MIND and The Veracity of Truth, a vanguard and tireless contributor in potential at national and international cooperation being an Ambassador for peace travelled Middle East, US, the Caribbean Island and Nepal under the mission . An International Human Rights Activist and Philanthropist, Educationalist and Spiritual Healer, International Diplomat Advocacy, Professor Interdisciplinary Studies, A Cultural Ambassador and Life Member of Youth Hostel Associations of India and Youth Movement Federation of India, A Golden name in the United Nation for his vividly dignified attainments; significantly ensnare his perspicacious profoundness of being a noble statue of international relations and global change through his magnetic wisdom, deeds and ennoble impersonation, worldwide.

Such rare entanglement of a magnificent social transformer adorning a prodigious cognizance, acknowledging the need of time and beyond, has vanguard the culture of education, organization and society through his enlightened dynamic manifestations of mankind has envisioned a vivacious vehement victory in any visible approach, dignifies the social pride; whose name at the climate of opinion, itself reverberate the powerful vibrations of the ultimate of a highly magnetic pioneer of a persona.

This name has been acknowledged as an epoch, by his enriched and discerned emblem in social philanthropic drives, his crusades for human rights, his distinguished international diplomatic leadership, his immensely evolved arts of yoga, meditation, spiritual healing and has been applauded too as prodigious rare acumen, a nurturer and holistic motivator.

Though It would be hard to delineate the manifold achievements, endeavors and contributions lies in this name, few of them are worth noted under the appellation of an egalitarian and honed intellectual, is- the multi-faceted personality, an adherent of social work, this rare leader is an awardee for various national and international accolades that include-

Great Knight of Humanity award 2018 by White cross of Humanity by the Prince of St. John Prince and a Grand Duke of All Russia, Doctor of Science Honoris Causa for contributions in complementary medicines by the Open International University, Sri Lanka and Certificate of Grand Award of International Natural Medicine presented for outstanding contribution made to the development of World Natural Medicine on the occasion of 21st Century Congress of Natural Medicine instituted by Lama Gangchen. World Peace Foundation speaks more of his divine essence and spiritual healings. His incumbent efforts on world peace, adorned him with Doctorate of Laws D. Laws HonorisCausa from Global Peace University, the Netherlands and Doctor of Literature D. Litt.(HonorisCausa from The Global Open University for World Peace, Italy.Outstanding Leadership Award for contribution in Middle East Peace Process by the United Nations University- International Leadership Academy Jordan, Ambassador of Peace by international Educators for World Peace, USA 2009, The Noble Chivalry Status of Knight of Honor by Royal Order of the Crown HRH Prince Deric.A.Bircham, 2017.Gauravacharya award under National Institute for Education and Research, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Professional Excellence award for year 2018 by Dr Abdul Kalam Research Centre, Coimbatore, Utkal Jyoti Rajya Puraskar Odisha award for dedication in the Field of Education, Honour of Doctor of Education by International Royal Academy of the United Nations, USA.

The areas of interest and expertise have not any cusp, is just an abyss stands this name. The healing touch, premonitory talks and the ability to comprehend the vibrations of knowledge in this universe has made Dr. Patnaik to shower his blessings that can be truly reflected from his great works, touching the horizons of management, spirituality and education.

It wouldn’t be any exaggeration, discerning such enthralling spirit, an essence of weaving an eternity of intellect and spiritualism and standing a doctrine in himself, making the nation fortunate having Dr.Patnaik, being him as part of us, part of our State, the Region of the Northeast and being him the constituent of nation’s pride.

An acclaimed vigorous prodigy, prodigy of nobility, ethics and morality of an unseen, astonishing, godly creature of this universe enlightening the infiniteness of rare intellect where his spiritualism talks and this fortunate bliss of ours, invent, reinvent unabatedly to touch the end virtue of humanity, that merely somehow shine in glimpse and resonate this name (DR. Patnaik) in the timeless cosmic vibration; assimilating his passionate profundity, preserving humanity, pinnacling and sautéing a way of life of vasudhaivkutumbkam in the name Dr. Jaganth Patnaik.