His Holiness Ramanujacharya Jagadguru Swamy Dr Aroopanada Maharaj
President, Nikhila Utkal Sadhu Samaj Mahasangha, Odisha

Dr Jagannath Patnaik is personally known to me. He lives the doctrine of spirituality, communicates in an extraordinary way and writes in a language that attracts and reaches all levels of people.

He is an itinerant witness of God, well known and admired all over the country and overseas. He presents his ideas in an attractive style with practical examples and references from our ordinary lives. His way of presenting religious truths is also equally appealing.

The book The Veracity of Truth: Stories of My Life contains numerous thoughtprovoking reflections as his books always do. Through his talks, writings and extraordinary life, Dr Patnaik has been spreading God’s love and goodness and widening our knowledge and love of God.

The book contains a lot of new and inspiring thoughts as simple as you. It is always a pleasant experience to read the books and the articles written by this simple and quiet man, humble but resolute with a clear mind and a heart burning with love of God. Dr Patnaik strives to popularise all such thoughts to mankind and be loved through his writings. He looks at nature with the imagination of a poet, insight of a philosopher and genius of a scientist. All is grist that comes to his mill. One who dwells into his writings gets the feeling that poetry and philosophy have met together, truth and genius have embraced and lucidity and profundity have combined seamlessly.

I went through the book with great interest, admiration and profound gratitude. The Veracity of Truth is indeed a rare book. The illustrations and explanations are natural, graceful and memorable. Not one chapter is long or boring even to a casual reader and if one begins to read there is no stop on the way, until the end of the book. The language is simple yet profound that the reader would feel like floating in it like a lotus in water. To be frank, for long I have not read so interesting and thought-provoking a book.

Dr Patnaik has perhaps created more goodwill and brotherly feeling among people of different faiths and creeds, ideas and outlooks, through his writings, than what could be done by the efforts of the various religious and political leaders in this part of the world during the last two decades.

God to him is one reality of life and his heart crafts the idol of faith in God.

Fine ideas are explained clearly; moral values are shed light on with beautiful and fine examples. Young boys and girls can easily understand the good ways of life from this remarkable book.

The Veracity of Truth is presently my best companion and I relish the contents very much. I bless the holy child of Lord to carry forward his karma for sprinkling the shower of peace of humanity with greater strength to his elbow.

Acharya Dr Lokesh Muni
President, Ahimsa Vishwa Bharti

Education or vidya is the only way to empower a dream. Those who want to shape the future of their milieu become a warrior of education. Dr Jagannath Patnaik is a true leader with a mission. His life has a goal to see world changing by his dedicated efforts in the field of education and social service. It is said a pure soul can change millions. Dr Patnaik is doing his with penchant and passion.

I know Dr Patnaik from the last few years. His life is a translation of will-servicechange in real terms. Anybody like Dr Patnaik who has been deeply associated with spiritual movements in this country and closely associated with Maharshi Mahesh Yogiji surely becomes a gem. The spiritual ground and understanding gives them a proper vision and wisdom to shape his goal towards the glorious destination.

Dr Patnaik’s long career has many laurels. He is one man on several missions. As a vice chancellor or director or registrar he always works like a selfless volunteer and guardian of principles and ideals. His professional success is a result of his personal perseverance and devotion.

His name is synonymous to education and commitment. The recognition of this prideful journey is the honour and glory he attains. His humbleness and simplicity are the jewels he bestows.

I pray the divine and the supreme to bless Dr Jagannath Patnaik on his golden year. Many wishes on his 50th birthday. Your life is a message to society. Lord Mahavira showers the great traits of his life onto you.

Jai Jine_ndra!

Mr Anurag Batra
Chairman, Business World Group

My observations about Dr Patnaik are based on many years of my personal friendship with him. I see his life as God’s creative artistry blending wisdom, discipline, compassion, courage and dignity into a distinctive beauty. His life is rich in study, experience and human relationship. Yet, in many ways, he is now defined in two ways, viz., an educationist par excellence and a spiritual guru, popularly known as the ‘Lord Pundit.’

Curiosity is the key to learning and application. Dr Patnaik has the vision to be a curious leader. Having started in a spiritual environment around Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and learning the guru-like traits from him, academics and institution building came naturally to him. He has proved himself as a successful educationalist. Having built institutions that have changed the course of lives of many students, he carries on the mission that he embarked on more than 28 years ago. While he has established the Kalinga University in Raipur, his horizons are set on even bigger goals. Dr Patnaik is a man who lends a new meaning to change and reinvention. His unusual journey to where he is today has made him witness to and experience such unique concepts, ideas, people, places and philosophies that he feels compelled to share it with all those striving to accomplish something special in their life.

A line worthy of mention here is that any man whose spouse and parents co-exist together under the same roof has to possess special talent. Dr Jagannath Patnaik has that equanimity.

I think we are wise enough to realize that Dr Patnaik works in a reflection of the social and historical context in which he lives. Regardless, we are lucky to have an invaluable resource like this compilation that provides endless reflections into his life.

Ajay Prakash Shrivastava
President, Maharishi Institute of Creative Intelligence

Dr Jagannath Patnaik began his dedicated service to humanity from an early age. During these years of his untiring and dedicated service he has proved himself to be a very important and acknowledged person all throughout India and abroad.

What impresses me the most in Dr Patnaik is his captivating, unassuming personality and his simplicity of life. He has travelled far and wide in India and by his life of devotion surrendered into the hands of God and he has been spreading the knowledge and love of God. The spiritually starving world of ours badly needs more and more such charismatic people like Dr Patnaik. He is full of ideas like golden beads knit on a divine string.
Congratulations to Dr Patnaik!

May God bless him to continue this kind of contribution.

I wish him a prosperous life.

Lt Gen Shokin Chauhan, VSM, SM, VCm
General Officer Commanding, HQ 1 Corps, C/o 56 APO

Though I had never seen or met him before, I discovered Dr Jagannath Patnaik on LinkedIn. Later after reading his profile, I realised his achievements in educational sectors. I was then contemplating to know more about him, and found that after a discussion with a friend. I find Dr Jagannath to be a fountainhead of experience and wisdom.

As an educational administrator of many universities and higher learning institutions, Dr Patnaik had dealt with important policy issues of universities.

May I express my deep appreciation for his contribution for the welfare of the people and the society at large.

I will definitely read The Veracity of Truth with interest since I am sure that it will contain noble thoughts, high ideals and practical wisdom.

I also congratulate Dr Jagannath for this effort.

Maj Gen Dr Bikash K Mohanti, AVSM (Retd)

Dr Jagannath Patnaik has been a good administrator in the education world for over a decade. His exemplary life, books, talks, magazine articles have been working in a unique way and contributing to the realization of a right world order in education development. His appeal is beyond the confines of caste, creed, status and nationality. His love for nature, interest in science and sympathy for the lost have made his mission unique and fruitful. I have read his works over the decades, all with admiration.

I appreciate immensely all he has done and continues to do for the understanding, expansion and progress of education, by his predications and publications and by his contribution to help the poor. I find his numerous publications of great interest because of his charm and imagination and the practical value of his education development, all of which are accessible to a broad audience.

Maj Gen BS Panwar, AVSM, SM, PhD

I heartily congratulate you on the auspicious occasion of your golden jubilee birthday celebration on 27 July 2016. May God bless you long life and best of health and happiness. I also take this opportunity to convey my best wishes to your all family members and pray Almighty for your best of togetherness and long companionship with them.

I am also aware that the second edition of your book The Veracity of Truth is being published on this occasion. I do hope your stories will definitely be a great memoir and your tremendous achievement in the field of education, humanity and social liberties will keep on educating and motivating the readers in times to come.

You have made enormous contribution in various fields of your interest, both nationally and internationally which speaks volumes of your in-depth knowledge in various fields coupled with hard work and dedication towards achieving your goals. As the vice chancellor of the prestigious Kalinga University and as executive/advisor to various national and international bodies you have done yeoman service and proved your mettle time and again.

May God’s blessings be showered on you and illuminate the path you have chosen to serve mankind.

V Dinesh Reddy, IPS (Retd)
DG Police, Andhra Pradesh

While I have known Dr Jagannath Patnaik for just a few months, I feel that I know him for a much longer period of time.

Dr Patnaik is a very intelligent, articulate and sensitive man. He is truly a man of principle.Dr Patnaik’s variety of experience makes him qualified for an administrator in a variety of educational institutions. His experience as a division head in an institution that is more of a start-up rather than an established programme gives him the experience he needs to meet any future challenge.

Dr Patnaik is a true professional and good friend. We have worked together through
many difficult situations and he has always been supportive and maintained his professionalism.

He is direct, generous, bright, and clearly has people in his heart. Simply put there are three aspects of Dr Patnaik’s character I would emphasize. First, he has integrity without compromise. People respect him a great deal. Dr Patnaik also meets people with compassion and common sense. His sense of humor is noteworthy. Finally, he has a wide range of interests and can rise above narrow outlook to see a larger picture. He takes prudent risks. He has intellectual curiosity. Dr Patnaik is also comfortable in his own skin, to use a cliché.

To clock 50th is not a joke. Congratulations for completing half a century! May you tie up your belt for another 50 years ahead. Wishing you all the best!

Brig Ram Chhillar, Sm, VSM (Retd)

I wish to put on record that Dr Jagannath Patnaik is a unique influencer in modern India’s educational and spiritual horizon. The essence of his life is based on the way he has tangibly influenced innumerable lives in every corner of the world. This influence has crossed the man-made geopolitical barriers with disregard to caste or creed. The manuscript of the book The Veracity of Truth, clearly portrays the spirit of God in an awe-inspiring style. I am sure that the author’s work will have enormous positive influence on the lives of his avid followers. This book is about how his “Curiosity Conversations” over his lifetime, which have shaped his worldview and manner in which it informs as well as transforms the soul. For him, “Curiosity Is the Flint from Which Flies the Spark of Inspiration” in his storytelling. The Veracity of Truth is an interesting and engaging read with its essence being about improving all aspects of human life through embracing curiosity. The tagline of this delightful book is, “Be curious about your world, it will lead to good things personally and professionally.” I thoroughly enjoyed reading this enthralling book as it gave me immeasurable amount of spiritual happiness. I wish Dr Jagannath Patnaik the best of luck on his 50th birthday and his book The Veracity of Truth on achieving the accolades of success.

Ambassador Vijay Kumar IFS (Retd.)
Secretary, MEA

I have been privileged to know Dr Jagannath Patnaik from my days in Sydney in the late 90s when he was introduced to me by one of my colleagues, Mr SS Mahapatra. He has impressed me from our first meeting and later he had made quite an impression during his short stay in Sydney. He had close interactions with the academic personnel we had been working together for on a joint collaboration with Australia TAFE for skill training of our youth.

Dr Patnaik has kept up his passion of developing closer cooperation between our educational institutes and overseas he left his name in the Caribbean, Africa and within India, he had worked in Sikkim, tribal areas of the Chhattisgarh and Odisha by his relentless efforts for uplifting weaker section and all his association with different multinational associations.

I have known Dr Jagannath Patnaik for a long time. He is a multifaceted personality and a great academic with deep knowledge of Indian spirituality. His lectures in the overseas are well appreciated and his modest way of communicating with people and depth of knowledge with his humility is well known.

I am happy to know that his book The Veracity of Truth based on his life and philosophy is coming soon. I am sure it would be appreciated around the world by his admirers based in Australia, Europe, the USA and Latin America. I send my best wishes and like his many admirers look forward to read it. All the best.

Sriram Dash
Sr. Journalist and Columnist, Chairman, National News Service

It’s a privilege to pen a few words on Dr Jagannath Patnaik, whose name today has become an institution in itself. He is a great patron of human values, a friend to the young and old, a visionary and leader, a remarkable institution-builder, an academician, an excellent administrator and at the same time a loving “Guruji” for many.

Dr Patnaik’s life is full of interesting portraits. We get to see this inquisitive young man as he is, through his philosophical questionings and humble debates with giants in the field. I find him developing his own methodology. From that experience, I see a new personality arising, who encounters the psychological, emotional and spiritual tensions in his life with grace. We see a man who has the opportunity to become a monk of great stature; but chooses to remain in the professional world. No one has written with more verve and authority about the awesome capabilities of man than Dr Patnaik.

Dr Sambhu Dayal Agrawal
Noted Scholar, Writer-translator and Critic

Dr Jagannath is widely known as a vanguard of education and educational administration at home and abroad. He has been instrumental in bringing up many educational institutions of repute in and outside India that impart quality education to thousands of students. Currently, he is the vice chancellor of Kalinga University, Raipur (Chhattisgarh). For his spiritual discourses and a personal Godly character, the ‘Lama Gangchen Peace Foundation of Italy’ and the title of ‘Lord Pundit’ was conferred upon him. Dr Jagannath is a multifaceted personality that ranges from modern education and administration to a pious spiritual personal life and a kind and compassionate Guru trying to pass on all his virtues unto the disciples.

Before I speak anything about the spiritual attributes of Dr Jagannath, let me first have a glimpse of the present scenario of some religious gurus all around us in the modern world. Nowadays, we see many so-called saffron-clad saints who have gathered unfathomable pelf by their commercial means like selling mahaprasad, selling their pictures and religious items. People visit their places, pay dakshinaa while touching their feet, again pay special oblations for paaduka-poojaa, guru-vandanaa, special darshan and aarti etcetera and the list goes on.

They acquire a new God-like name, and while living in luxury even claim themselves to be incarnations of God. Contrary to a saintly character, they get very easily teased and annoyed. They clandestinely indulge in all sorts of vices and promote many religious superstitions and even social taboos. Simple God-fearing people fall prey to them and some of them even destroy their own family and conjugal life with the plea that it is the teaching of their spiritual guru. Nevertheless, these millions of disciples get little of their much coveted mental peace or solace amid their disturbed family and social life. Dr Jagannath has thus rightly said, “A very important fact is that we tend to worship the saints, those who are actually not, and fail to understand the real ones.” I take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to my friend, philosopher and guide Sriram Dash, the noted journalist and writer-poet of our times, for having compiled this book by asking personally and sending e-mails to all those acquainted with Dr Jagannath Patnaik, to contribute their view about him. He has been instrumental in practically collecting all the data and putting them on the computer after which I started my work. I therefore pass on all the credit of this compilation unto him and feel proud to have such a caring and loving friend like him.

Dr Ram Nath Prasad
CSR and Policy Expert, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Dr Jagannath Patnaik is a man who believes in simplicity with a burning desire to help those who are less privileged. His thoughts are driven by a great sense of spirituality, which has driven him to get attached with many social and educational institutions without any regional barrier.

His thoughts on spirituality drive a great message to those who read his books or come in his contact. He has earned many degrees and laurels in the arena of education and hence, his intellectual capability is highly praise worthy.

Today, the world has no dearth of people with high IQ (Intelligent Quotient), however, there is a need for more number of people with high SQ (Spiritual Quotient) to spread the fragrance of peace and harmony on this earth and make this planet a happier place to live in. I believe Dr Patnaik will accelerate his works in area/institutions he is associated with, to enhance SQ of people and hence their happiness quotient.

I wish him all the best in all his endeavours for the goodness of mankind.

Ms Rekha Udit
Chairperson, Women International Network (WIN)

Dr Patnaik has a single-minded approach, very focused in leading projects from all spheres of life and his connection with other educationists, social leaders, global icons and the younger generation distinguishes him from everybody else. His passion to work for the future of our nation through younger generation, by leading them ruling through their hearts has always helped him to achieve spectacular success as an educator and administrator.

He is the bridge-builder between the East and the West due to his great knowledge. He has the ability to simplify complex ideas and walk successfully on all tracks of life to bring the empowered youth globally together. He has written many books on Indian philosophy according to Western academic standards, and made all efforts for the West to give serious consideration to Indian philosophy. Through his ideology, he compares different ways of thought process and favours the simplistic rational way. He is well known for his analysis of the human way of life by listening to elders, use of presence of mind towards social issues and practical way of living by amalgamating well with the real life experiences. He is very innovative by adapting the traditional style to his own purposes and creating a freer flow of words.

All of us have our own definition of success. For many of us it’s measured primarily in terms of money and wealth, but there are clearly other important aspects of success. Some people value the freedom to spend their time as they want, others value the ability to help those in need. Yet, whatever the metric, there is a core set of personality traits that is common to successful people. Dr Patnaik is one of the examples of great achievers, who strictly follow simple living and high thinking. Gandhi Ji was known globally as the Mahatma when he sacrificed all comforts and with sincere zeal he dedicated himself towards the service of the nation.

People are great but greatness doesn’t lie in your own success but in how many lives you have been able to transform—how many fingers you hold and help them lead the life the way you want your life to be. Dr Patnaik is among such great people who look their success in the limelight of others when their near and dear ones grow.

I’ve seen these traits first-hand in a diverse set of successful people I’ve worked with and known over the years, from billionaires to budding entrepreneurs. Each one was very different and yet they all shared much of the same DNA when it came to the traits that made them successful.

It is this trait that most allowed Dr Patnaik to overcome the success of past, remain humble, balanced and build the future, where sky is the limit.

Dr Patnaik, a successful personality well established socially could lead a life in simplified manner but his principle that there is a need to compete, a deeply rooted competitive streak in his nature has always helped him to win. His determination, his creative ways, his obsession to grow day by day with an abiding passion. People often confuse this with work ethic. But working hard isn’t the objective. It’s the competitive drive to do more than anyone else in pursuit of your dream that paves the pathway to success.

His strongest virtue lies in the capacity to let go: “I don’t care how successful you are, holding onto to the past or your latest mistake will only serve to slow you down.” He always shares “Successful people are not anchored by the past. They learn from it—fast—and move on to a bigger challenge”.

He is deeply passionate for improvement. He believes successful people are perpetually trying to improve themselves. They are their worst critics—never satisfied; always striving to be better.

Dr Patnaik, a popular administrator, has always guided his friends, students to keep an inventory of accomplishments. He says “Successful people keep track of their achievements, not because they necessarily want to put them on display, although many do, but because it reminds them, and those around them, of how overcoming the impossible is often just a matter of dogged perseverance”.

The greatest virtue which I associate with Dr Patnaik is compulsively working with his network. One of the most consistently common traits is his ability to relentlessly work with his network. All success is built on a network of human connections that need to be nurtured and reinforced.

Dr Patnaik believes it’s important to reward oneself. When you’re running at full throttle you need to take time to take care of yourself. Emotionally and physically. That may be as simple as a short meditation or a full-on workout, a hobby that indulges you, a philanthropic contribution, or a spontaneous getaway. Whatever it is, the purpose is to avoid burnout, stay centred, and remind yourself of why you’re making the sacrifices you’re making.

Dr Patnaik has always been an idle for many. People admire him for many of simple but important values. Being grateful, not wavering in a crisis—one of the greatest determinants of success is the ability to keep your head in a firestorm. Successful people like him do not lose their sense of purpose or track in a crisis, and by doing so create a reliable compass setting for those around them. Striving for authenticity—it’s nearly impossible to achieve any degree of success without being trustworthy. For successful people like him being authentic means that they are clear in expressing their opinions and consistently truthful and transparent. You don’t have to agree with them but you’ll never be confused about where they stand. Taking responsibility—inevitably even the most brilliant successes will falter. Owning the failure is a trait that not only engenders trust but also demonstrates to others that failure is not something to be hidden or passed on to the next person in line. Desire to give back—one of the most rewarding things about achieving any degree of success is the opportunity to encourage and motivate others. Successful people like him realize that they have the power to help others increase their confidence in themselves. In doing so they create life-long loyalty that comes back many times over. Personally I feel, nothing has amazed me as much and been as fulfilling as the support I’ve received from colleagues I’ve helped find their own success.

I would like to share some important quotes from great souls: “If you want to achieve your life’s dream and be wildly successful, you need to model yourself after people who are living their dream. The more qualities you have in common, the higher your chances for being wildly successful”.


Thoughts lead on to purposes; purposes go forth in action; actions form habits; habits decide character; and character fixes our destiny.

—Tryon Edwards

As an administrator Dr Patnaik started out in his life as being quite ordinary and many remain that way only. But in short span of time he became extraordinary, successful and a global leader. Definite aim, vision and purpose, expertise and excellence—No matter what he pursued, he became the best in his field. Being always focused with positive attitude and perseverance—Extraordinary people like Dr Patnaik have realistic optimism. Realistic because they take action and optimistic because no matter what the result may be, they believe their success is inevitable. They believe that like a child learning to walk, they need to take action first and then modify the action according to the feedback that they get. This positive attitude allows them to persevere and be resilient when things don’t go their way.

His flexible nature which amalgamates with the changing world has always been in his favour to lead the life in his own terms and setting examples for many. Dr Patnaik is a strong communicator, who masters his time by strict management, a person with high self-esteem, he is generous, action oriented, confident, a great reader, enthusiastic, well rounded and balanced. A strong message which a person like Dr Patnaik shares with others and teach the society is “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want”.

Presently Dr Patnaik has been engaged in a global project with the International Organisation for Educational Development (IOED). A number of cross-sectoral partnerships have been initiated by the IOED in his leadership to scale-up skill training efforts. The mission of this campaign is to coordinate, converge, implement and monitor skill development activities across globe in general and India in particular.

Dr Patnaik aims at providing training on skill development to 102 million youths in the country within the next five years. The end objective is to train and develop the skills of the youths along with speed, scale and standards spread all over the country.

The campaign under his leadership will bring together key stakeholders that include the ministries, state governments, departments and other leading industrial bodies, and trainees under a single umbrella, thereby making the campaign a great success.

Amb Anil Trigunayat, IFS (Retd.)
Former Ambassador of India to Jordan, Libya and Malta

Dr Jagannath Patnaik works as an itinerant witness to the love of God. He has been carrying on a highly commendable work. His books are written in an exceptional literary style, interwoven with imageries taken from day to day life and experiences, proclaim God’s love to everyone, irrespective of caste and creed. They have a universal appeal and are an inspiration to scores of people. Therefore your writings have a considerable shelf life and will be read periodically. I consider it a treasure for me. Your book The Veracity of Truth highlights your concern for plurality of our being human-recognizing and accepting the diverse singularities in a spirit of complementariness. I greatly appreciate your concept and approach, which underlines the fundamental texture of faith and life.

Your book is really good and inspiring. Congratulations. It is particularly relevant to one’s journey in today’s ecclesial context. Congratulations again for the noble effort. You have given important messages through anecdotes and stories which can create insights in people. It is really great that you have several books to your credit and surely you will continue to positively contribute towards this noble task. I appreciate all your writings and your sincere commitment. May the God be with you in all your endeavors.

In simple words you have given me a new life and new horizon of life. My life would not have been this beautiful like this if you weren’t in my life. I’m so so so lucky to have someone worrying about me more than you do and always blessing me and always ready to listen to me no matter how silly I talk. Your way of giving importance to every single thing in life have taught me lots.

KC Pandey
Chairman, Gargoti Indian Minerals Ltd.

Former Trustee, Sri Shirdi Sai Temple Trust, Shirdi It is really great that such a book is brought up complementing your life and commemorating golden jubilee celebrations on your birthday.

Dr Jagannath Patnaik is an academician with humility, spirituality, blessed with iconic personality with a great human being which reflects in him a global citizen, (personality) filled with patriotic and true leadership traits love filled for Indian culture and heritage. Dr Patnaik is a global ambassador of spiritualism and humanism, and of course an expert on education. He is a great friend for whom friendship is religion, and an asset for the nation and the world. On his golden jubilee celebrations i wish him a happy healthy peace loving life with many more success in life. I wish him the very best in life. I am sure his book will be a success.

Sonali Patnaik
Director, Arupa Mission Research Foundation Empowering People

Mr Jagannath Patnaik is a profound educationist, businessman and a spiritual person. Indeed, in the present times of world disorder, Mr Jagannath Patnaik has not just dreamt of a better future for the new generation but has also lived the dream by setting up so many educational institutions so that the foundation of youth is strong and they shine on in every sphere.

Setting up educational institutions and ensuring the highest quality of knowledge being imparted is not an easy game. However, with his vision and leadership he has successfully founded many such institutions that are building blocks for future generation. In an age where education and skill development is of utmost importance, Mr Patnaik has been able to create a base where cutting edge technology and greatest minds come together to provide the best to the youth so that they are winners.

Mr Patnaik has a spiritual side to him and this creates an aura of positivity. He has been working on peace building processes and bringing all religions together and fostering a feeling of brotherhood. It is very rare to find a person with such spiritual energy and crystal clear vision of what the future of nations should be. And to the joy of many in different parts of the world, he has walked the talk and thus has many followers and protégés.

In spite of the endless accolades to his name, he remains to be a humble person. He has remained dedicated to his cause, goals that he has set for himself for seeing a more developed and humane nation and world and the many projects that he has led. He remains to be a simple, spiritual, humble vanguard of peace, a true leader and an influencer whose action and words inspire and motivate countless people.

Dr BBL Madhukar
Ex CMD, MMTC and Founder Sect. Gen, BRICS
Chamber Of Commerce and Industry, New Delhi

Dr Jagannath Patnaik is known to me for the past two decades. I congratulate him on his attaining golden milestone of fifty years of a very remarkable journey of life. Dr Patnaik, besides making significant contributions to the realm of higher education, has made remarkable contributions to the cultural, artistic and humanistic dimensions of education. He believes in harmonizing global education to harness the best practices in the knowledge pool of the universe. Above all, Dr Patnaik is a true friend, who always likes to help others. I wish him a glorious future and pray to God to shower on him HIS choicest blessings.

Dr (Prof.) Vikram Singh, IPS (Retd.)
Pro-Chancellor, Noida International University,
Former Director General of Police, U.P.

Dr Jagannath Patnaik is tireless karmyogi in the field of education: a distinguished academician, an eminent author, a renowned management expert and a capable administrator with vast experience in educational research, academic administration, and industry.

He is well known as an original thinker, an erudite, compassionate teacher, and a multi-faceted genius in this part of the world.

This iconic scholar holds within him the ideals of magnanimity. His fame and fortune in educational leadership have lighted many dark corridors of society, and he is looked upon as a person who is ever available for the cause of quality education and word class pedagogy.

Dr Patnaik has achieved many laurels in a short duration. His path-breaking original work, his zeal for providing education to all, have developed educational organizations/universities reaching great heights. He has also set many benchmarks in the world of research and quality teaching.

Apart from being a leading educationist in the country, Dr Patnaik is a prolific writer too. His biography, no doubt, will be a road map for all those who wish to pursue education as a career. It will be a window to view this great personality and draw inspiration.

Manoj Srivastva

Dr Jagannath Patnaik is an extremely well-read person having in-depth knowledge of India’s spiritual history. He has touched lives across the globe transcending caste, religion, language and all other divisive factors. He has been successful in explaining the spirit of God in simple words for a common person. Inquisitiveness has been the driving force behind this book. Keep asking questions, be curious to learn about various aspect of life is one of the messages conveyed. I have benefited immensely from the book.

Dr Jagannath Patnaik is personally known to me and I have no hesitation to state that his words and works are highly appreciated by all who have been fortunate to hear or read him. All consider him a “True Guru of our times”.

Dr Patnaik possesses such qualities of head and heart that people are compelled to listen to him. His words seem to acquire extra weight and character. Whatever escapes his lips becomes valuable. He loves God and man to such. An extent that he reveals and excels in giving love and showing sympathy to many thousands. He strives hard to leave the world a better place than one he found in the beginning of his career.

He is a poet cum philosopher, a scribe as well as a man of God and a man of letters. He presents eternal verities with utmost simplicity, clarity and sincerity. His books are soul-stirring in their depth, universal in their appeal and ecumenical in their scope. He has been winning people to God’s side by his books and other writings for well over a decade.

With your ideal family life you have contributed more than any missionary priest to spread the values of the kingdom. Your books and publications will last for generations to come.

May I express our deep gratitude and great appreciation for all that you contribute for the welfare of the people and the society at large. I read the book with interest; it is indeed a work of noble thoughts high ideals and practical wisdom.

I congratulate you for this effort which will educate the people in the art of living.

Prof Sanjib Bhattacharya
CEO, EL Dorado Academy,
Sr. Member National Writers Union, USA

The whole nation needs a great academician and kind-hearted human being like you, Dr Patnaik. You are the perfect wise person who has been working for the interest of deprived section of society. I am a great admirer of you and you are a pride of the whole nation. It is my good fortune as I came in touch with such a “Great Mahatma” like you in my life.

Dr Jagannath Patnaik is one among the well-known educationalists and administrators of our country. Best known as a philosopher and a multi-faceted genius, his brilliance was first acknowledged when, he started his career with His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi as a director in his national movements, and he was chosen to edit the spiritual and scientific writings of Maharashi Mahesh Yogi, one of world’s greatest saints. This laid the foundation upon which Dr Patnaik started his own spiritual and professional approach. Moreover, it was his burning desire, which enabled him to find the unobserved world within the material world and lead others in his path.

Dr Patnaik has also established the Institution of Action Learning and the International Centre for Human Consciousness and Research, a UN affiliate. He was also an independent educational consultant in policy, planning and development initiatives. He has served in many repute educational organizations and universities as a chancellor, pro-chancellor, vice chancellor, director, registrar and many other important positions. Currently, Dr Patnaik the vice chancellor of Kalinga University, Raipur, and a member of the Pharmaceutical Advisory Forum, Government of India.

Shailendra Kumar Yadav

INDIA is the land of saints, sages and gurus, a spiritual land which has given birth to many incredible personalities.

Dr Jagannath Patnaik is the very own son of our motherland, India, who is now spreading the ray of hope, positivity knowledge across the globe with his motivational messages, thoughts and writings in the simplest manner as possible. His books are the source of enlightenment and motivation which can fill the ocean of positiveness in any individual. Dr Jagannath Patnaik has an elegant personality and has an angelic behaviour and has friends and followers in all the sections of society and is a role model for hundreds of thousands of people. He has continuously served for the betterment of society, nation and the world.

By profession I am a mechanical engineer and at a certain time in my life, there was a lack of self-confidence, motivation and positive energy in me. I was broken and became hopeless and my future life seemed like a burden. At that point in my life I met Dr Jagannath Patnaik “Guruji”, my motivational guru. He is the one who filled positive energy in me. As the sun is the source of energy to our solar system. He is the source of positive energy to me; with his simple and friendly behavior and motivational thoughts he filled in me with lot of enthusiasm, self-confidence and boosted up my moral. He is the real motivational “Guru” for me who taught me the art of living. In his guidance now I am moving ahead in life with constant PACE.

Now I have a positive approach towards life.

Your Shishya, Mousumi Dash
Research Associate MSME

Dr Jagannath Patnaik’s new book The Veracity of Truth is no doubt a masterpiece of his supreme authority over words. It reflects his enthusiastic personality in the form of words and thoughts. This book is going to bring change in thoughts of millions. I am sure it’s going to grab the “Bestseller 2016” award. With all my heart I pray to almighty to give him strength to carry on with his pious work and establish new milestones and to bring more such books in the near future.

Thank you.

Dr Bipin B Poddar
Program Coordinator Jirs Bangalore

Dr Jagannath Patnaik is not a simple man. He is an extraordinary man with a extraordinary vision. He has a many faceted personality. In another way I can say with full confidence he is an incarnation of compassion.

I have known him for 25 years from our HH Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Ashrama in Noida, UP, but one way this is not true; I know him very well from past many lives. In previous lives I was a friend, elder brother as well as younger brother also.

His present birth is full of compassion, for him there is no caste, no creed, no religion, no boundary or countries. Now I would like to tell you a true and exciting story.

One day in our Maharishi Ashrama, Dr Tony Nader had come from Holland. He is a chairman of the TM International programmes. He knew very well about Dr Patnaik and so he came to our residence at Pentagon C Maharishi Ashrama.

Dr Patnaik and I were both staying together in one of the deluxe suites. Dr Tony Nader touched the feet of Dr Patnaik and then he told Dr Patnaik that he was suffering from headache and stress because of travelling all the time. Dr Patnaik touched his hands and right after a few minutes he said he was free from all the problems! Later Dr Tony was visible delighted and different. He asked Dr Patnaik how did this magic had happened. Dr Patnaik said this is not magic but this is pure miracle of the Lord and that, “You are alright now”.

There is another story that I have to tell you. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is very close to Dr Patnaik because he is from our Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ashrama. He was a guru ‘bhai’ of myself and Dr Patnaik. Sri Sri was a Siddhi teacher in the Maharishi Ashrama. Last year, Dr Patnaik and I visted Sri Sri Ashrama on the occasion of Durga Puja.

Sri Sri welcomed both of us with a shawl and a basket of fruits. Sri Sri had given a lot of respect and was very thankful for visiting him. He was very impressed with Dr Patnaik and was remembering the old days he had spent with him.

Time passes by but I have another golden memory in my mind. Dr Will Fox, a global leader of corporate programmes, met Dr Patnaik at MIM (Maharishi Institute of Management), located at 55 Golf Links, New Delhi. He had come for some corporate programmes of his company. Dr Patnaik had arranged the meditation programmes in Techamsah whirlpool, FCI and many others. After the programmes he was very impressed with Dr Patnaik and said he had never met someone like him in his entire life.

I must tell you when I was in MIM, 55 Golf Links, New Delhi, Dr Patnaik was posted as the first director of the institute and he was responsible for admission and public relation. Dr Patnaik was the perfect person for handling the job and with his miracle he had made everything possible.

One time when I was in Maharishi TM and Siddhi Initiator as a centre-in-charge for meditation, many important people from politics and the corporate world had come for meditation. One of them was Sushma Swaraj, the BJP MP, who came with her husband Mr Swaraja. Right after talking with Dr Patnaik he was fully ready to learn meditation. Many more MPs and ministers were close to Dr Patnaik and used to regard him like a lord.

Some years ago, there was some disagreements among the family at 53 Golf Links. Unsurprisingly when Dr Patnaik intervened the problem was solved even before anyone knew it. Nobody could have done it except for DR Patnaik and I was as well amazed with the miraculous act.

The three chairmen of the Maharishi organisation, Mr Anand Srivastava, Mr Prakash Srivastava and Dr Girish Chandra Verma are unanimous that Dr Patnaik can make ‘impossible’ into ‘possible’ all the time.

I have been privileged to write about him and to know him in this life and I pray to lord for his long and healthy life.

Giridhari Nayak
Educationalist and Social Worker

Dr Jagannath Patnaik is a trailblazer in the field of education. He is a true global leader in the field of education if there was any. Be it diversification of his educational research and glimpses of his richness works reaching through most popular books as an eminent and prolific writer. He has been a founder and guide to several innovative and successful educational set-ups such as Kalinga University, ICFAI University, International Management Centre, Australia and Singhania University. He has subsequently helped establish many other successful enterprises too.

Dr Patnaik is a board member of the International Police Commission, which fosters dialogues and peace collaborations among countries. He is presently serving as the secretary and chief of staff of IPC, India Command. He receives full marks on being unique with his concepts and ideas. His presence on the stage alone commands absolute attention allowing listeners to gather enough information for use in the future. He has been making blue prints of education across the globe. He may be the only person who has received honorary doctorates from more than two universities for contribution to this noble field and through it to the society.

In his case, he has got this honorary doctorates from more than five universities and that too from as diverse as places from US, Sri Lanka, Italy, the Netherlands and in the national level from Rajasthan and Punjab. A man who treats education as means of service is God’s best gift to mankind if not God reincarnated. Awards such as Sadbhabana, Swachh Bharat, World Human Rights educators, Pride of India are small tokens of appreciation from an obliged mass. He is an energetic, organized and methodical person with high level of creativity and commitment. Education is itself honoured to have got a leader, a true messiah like Dr Jagannath Patnaik.

Bhavya Srivastava
Religion Journalist, Member (India), International Association of Religion Journalists

To put a dream in someone’s eyes is the most humble and challenging task of human endeavour. A dream can shape a life and the destiny of a society or a nation.

Many charioteers have crossed this proud land with their horses of imagination and influence the landscape by their sheer passion and deeds. Mr Jagannath Patnaik is a racer with his ideal pace and determined will. The great philosopher Aristotle said once, “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”

Dr Patnaik is really educating a broad mass by his heart. His background of spiritual training and interest make him a real soul of awareness. His search for the ultimate and supreme may start with tranquility and mediation, but it awakes the time and space. His ‘Road to Success’ has wings of principles, morals, values and pride. His voyage in the field of education is now immensely felt by the common man. The goal he has seen is now changing lives and putting dreams in the eyes of thousands.

Being a famous and suave educationist, Dr Patnaik always wants to touch the nerves of the masses. He has served many top posts in the ‘circle of teaching’ and always left the impression boldly and profoundly. As a vice chancellor of university or a world traveller, he is always ready to follow the path of wisdom. His foundations made him so humble that he flows like a river, fulfilling desires of the needy. Education is his mission and life. Life has given us many powers to shape things. Dr Jagannath Patnaik has used all his powers and resources to develop a ‘world of possibilities’. He put all efforts to shape a new world of educated, skilled, entrepreneurship-friendly generation. His life is now on a track that has immense opportunities for any dream catcher. His devotion and prayers are for the good and the great. Wholeheartedly, I wish Dr Jagannath Patnaik a million time on his 50th birthday. May God gift him the best of the nature and the world. He is blessed with purity and mission, God bless him always in every positive effort that he takes.


LN Palo
Senior Congress Leader and Social Worker,
Bhubaneswar, Odisha

My dear Dr Jagannath Patnaik, being an Odiya, you have achieved a lot in literature and in many fields. You deserve the highest position in literature and management world. God will help you for your laborious and successful journey. I honour your father and mother who have gave such a knowledgeable and brilliant child like you to this world. Continue your blissful journey till you give a new hope to this mankind from your brilliant soul. I pray the Almighty for you to be a revolutionary mind, which will bring a difference to this world. May your contribution bring a change in society for larger good. Many wishes for your birthday and may you live long and healthy life.

Alok Kumar Singh
Administrative Manager, The Anandilal Podar Trust, Nawalgarh, Rajasthan

Dr Jagannath Patnaik is a renowned academician, a notable author and a proficient administrator with extensive experience in academics, research and industry. With his outstanding and inspirational leadership added with strong interpersonal and influencing skills, he has been instrumental in establishing a number of educational institutions in the country and abroad.

He has the ability to articulate and implement a strong sense of vision and purpose for the university as a whole and to frame strategies for its development to ensure its continued eminence over the next century. Besides he is actively occupied in human rights advocacy, women empowerment, international relation and creating career awareness among youths around the world.

Dr Patnaik has exhibited worldwide exposure and has been associated with several multilateral organizations like the International Organization for Educational Development, the World Human Rights Council and the Confederation of Education Excellence etc. His contribution in the development of the nation is unparallel.

Dr Patnaik is not only an egalitarian leader of education industry but has a scholastic flair for writing too. His lucid style of writing makes his books interesting and easy to understand. Mention may be made of his prominent books such as the Higher Education on Information, Education Management Systems in India, Regulatory Systems in India, The Veracity of Truth Stories of My Life and Politics of Human Rights in India. Many reputed institutions and organization have recognized the magnificent and multifaceted contributions of Dr Patnaik and honoured him with various recognitions for his strong academic credibility, intellectual curiosity and sympathy for human values and culture. We will ever be indebted to such a genius. May he find true bliss as he faces his next milestones! Happy birthday!

Prasad Kumar
IT Trainer, Pune

Hari Om,

Guruji, I still remember you said the golden words “Forgive”. It has changed my view about life when you forgive. You literally feel God within yourself, when we forgive the God inside our heart rises. That is the ultimate feeling one can have more than any happiness in life. Guruji, I am blessed that you are there always even though we don’t meet for years I still know you are here with me.

Jai Shri Krishna.

Lekhraj Tanwani
Social worker and business person, Dubai

Dr Jagannath Patnaik is unique in more ways than one ways, which entitles him to the pride of place in modern India’s education and spiritual horizon. The hallmark of his life is the way he tangibly influenced innumerable individual lives in every corner of the world. This influence crossed man-made barriers of race, religion and color, language, country, sex and even political system. Perhaps no saint in the twenty-first century had personal contact with as many followers as Dr Patnaik. When I saw and met him in 2007 in Dubai, I was instantly attracted by his charm. I’m blessed that he is my mentor. His manuscript of the little book I saw show how the spirit of God had helped and guided Dr Patnaik so that he could write it without any mistake. I am also certain that the author’s work will be for the glory of God and a means of spiritual benefit to many. Also that those who are in the midst of difficulties such as I was, will receive help, and especially will learn how the Lord saved so great a sinner as myself, and by His love and grace chose me for His service.

This is an amazing book about how Dr Patnaik’s “curiosity conversations” over his lifetime and how those have shaped the ways he sees the world and how it informs the soul. For him, “curiosity is the flint from which flies the spark of inspiration” in storytelling. The synopsis of this book is this: Be curious about your world, it will lead to good things personally and professionally. An interesting read about improving all aspects of your life through embracing curiosity.

I loved this book and reading it brought me some immeasurable amount of happiness. I wish his 50th birthday and release of his book The Veracity of Truth a great success.

Group Captain Sanjeev Agarwal

I have known Dr Jagannath Patnaik, as a highly charismatic persona, a distinguished academician, an eminent author and an effective administrator with varied experience in educational research, academic administration and industry. Dr Patnaik has established a number of educational institutions in medical, dentistry, engineering and management including public schools by combining our rich cultural heritage and adapting best practices in education from all over the world. He became the pro-chancellor of Singhania University and secretary general of the Confederation of Indian Universities. He was able to create a platform from where to advise organizations like The British Medical Journal; Pharmaceutical Advisory forum, Government of India, Aptech Computer Education; Society of Business Practitioners, England; ICFAI University Projects, amongst others.

For his tireless efforts in organizing and consistently making the effort not only to improve the domain of education but also to ensure that new members are regularly enlisted to carry out on the path that he has so painstakingly created, he received the recognition of Doctorate of Science (Honoris Causa) from the Desh Bhagat University, Fathegarh Sahib, Punjab, and Doctorate of Philosophy (Honoris Causa) from the OPJS University, Churu, Rajasthan. Besides, he was also awarded with the prestigious Sadbhavana Award in 2013, Swach Bharat Award 2015, CUTE Award 2015 and Outstanding Educationist Award 2015.

Dr Patnaik has achieved many landmarks in a short span. His customized work, exuberant motivational and public relations skills have developed educational organizations/universities reaching great heights. He has been involved in organizing and producing numerous events. He has also coordinated meetings and seminars and generated ideas that have resulted in creating the right environment in the country for upliftment of the entire educational domain.

Abhinav Chaturvedi
Research Scholar, IIT

I met Dr Jagannath Patnaik on a train journey, and I believe it was a journey well-travelled. In a very short span of few hours, Dr Patnaik inspired me to have a fresh perspective about many facets of life, starting from education, economy, institution building, spirituality, and life in general. This journey became worthwhile when he shared his book—The Veracity of Truth.

Upon reading the initial few pages, immediately it enlightened me about his noble deeds and contributions towards humanity. Popularly known as “Guru”, I honestly feel blessed to have shared that journey with him. It gives me an enormous amount of jouissance to have got the opportunity to interact with him.

I only believe that the journey is not over, rather it has begun and will look forward to many such moments of joy. You are a soldier of knowledge and I believe that moving ahead for the next 50 years you will brighten the future of many lives you come across. I wish you all a very splendiferous métier and may your life be sparkled with merriment.

Dr Poonam Bali, Yoga and Wellness Teacher
Bliss Health Care, New Delhi

I have had the good fortune of a rare friendship with Dr J. Patnaik. Whether I meet him or not for days and months but the fragrance of a real friend that he is, has been evident every morning in the form of an encouraging, enlightening message in my phone. Despite his busy schedules he would remain connected, be it a call, a shared meal, a helping hand in the hour of need or a good word of advice required as per the place and time.

His simplicity, humbleness, transparency, almost childlike smile and innocence have always touched my heart and brought a sense of comfort in a world, filled with people always on an agenda or under garb otherwise. He comes along as a genuinely caring person about his family and friends alike. I have been a witness to his philanthropic work along with his family which is commendable and proof of them being true devotees of the divine in form of service to poor and needy. This being one of the reasons behind his phenomenal growth and success as a literary individual in service of humanity.

When you give, the divine showers on you his immense blessings. That is explained through life of Dr Patnaik. May God bless him with a long healthy life. I convey my wishes for success in all his endeavors in service of humanity be it field of culture, literature, spirituality or growth and development of this blessed nation.

Jai Bharat Maa

Guruma Arundhati Debi
International Decency Movement

Dr Jagannath Patnaik, vice chancellor of Kalinga University is a social and motivational personnel, educationalist and a man whose heart always craves for the welfare of the society. His relentless efforts for reconstructing the society domains are an adorable affair. The entire human society is indebted to him for his hearty efforts of establishing a pacific world around him by organizing discussions, meetings and talks comprising people from different spheres of society, religion and class.

On behalf of the International Decency Movement, we gladly congratulate him on his fiftieth golden birthday. We also thank him for his sincere efforts for providing inspirational messages and quotes with the good morning message early in the morning every day, thus embedding a positive energy into us.

We are fighting for all sorts of isms while losing humanism, which is the main spirit of all the isms. Without humanism, human society is losing the right to exist. Human society will be in ruins if immediate and effective effort is not made.

On this special occasion I would like to send a message to the world that all the nations of the world should accept the proposal of introducing compulsory course of the “art and science of peaceful living and science of humanity” in which noble blissful qualities of humanity are to be taught and practiced from childhood to university education. We are happy that Dr Patnaik is working for this.

We wish him to remain hale and hearty forever and shower his divine gleam upon the people always. May Lord Jagannath endow his blessings upon him.

Sarve Bhabantu Sukhinah! Om Shanti Shanti Shanti!

Ravi Pani
FCA, LLB, Law Fin Corporate Solicitors

I was introduced to Dr Patnaik as an educationist and social worker. I got inquest to know more about this person, who looked a simple, was soft-spoken and appear enlightened. One of his comments: “When we seek to discover the best in others we somehow bring out the excellent in ourselves”, has always given me a reason to learn more about him.

His association with educational institutions as an administrator speaks high of him, as a management expert and an efficient administrator with experience in educational research and academic administration.

I am pleased to know that Dr Patnaik has established a number of educational institutions in medical, engineering and management segments, including public schools in the country and overseas from concept to commissioning, while adopting best practices in education from all over the world.

I am also given to understand that Dr Patnaik has been regularly designing several skill development training programmes for students, corporate executives and others.

Dr Patnaik as a vice chancellor of Kalinga University, Raipur since 2011, is also actively occupied in human rights advocacy, women empowerment, international relation and creating career awareness among youths with a concept “Catch Them Young” throughout the world.

Dr Patnaik in view of his significant contribution in the spirit and personification of youth in the field of education and natural spiritual healings, has been awarded the Doctorate of Science (Honoris Causa) by the Open International University, Sri Lanka and Certificate of Grand Award of International Natural Medicine, from Italy.

I have relished my short association with Dr Jagannath Patnaik and wish him all the joy of life. I want to thank you for everything that you have taught us till now. The knowledge and wisdom you have imparted upon us has been a great help and support throughout our career.


We want to express our deepest gratitude for believing in us.
You have been a guru, leader, mentor and a great inspiration for
us. You have inspired us to pursue our goals with hard work and
dedication. You have shown us the value of honesty, sincerity and
trust in life.

We truly appreciate and value everything we are learning from you.
It will forever remain a major contribution behind our success and
achievements. We really look forward to the day we can do the
same for someone else.

We want to be like you—smart, interesting and engaging, positive,
confident, yet unpretentious.

We want to be like you—well-informed and easy to understand,
thinking with your heart as well as your head, gently nudging us to do our best, with sensitivity and insight.
We want to be like you—giving your time, energy and talent to ensure the brightest possible future for each of us.
Thank you, Guruji for giving us a goal to shoot for.

We want to be like you!!!

Thank you, once again, for your time, support and patience. If there is one person who makes turning fifty appear chic, classy
and cool—it’s you. Happy 50th birthday on 27th July.

Your daughters, Poonam and Saara

Lopamudra Mohanty
Former Chairperson, Odisha, Women Commission and Social Worker

Everybody has to die. Then who will live ever? The answer is nobody. Let’s take a turn and try to get the answer. The person who lives for oneself has to die ultimately, but who lives for others’ stays ever in their hearts even after his/her death. In today’s world, we rarely find such people. But Dr Jagannath Patnaik is among the second category.

I know him from his childhood, so to say, during the Easter days of Rourkela. But, honestly speaking, I failed to transcript his persona. Now, I could not believe the softspoken and shy boy Jagannath has added many caps to his credit. Be it Doctor of Laws (Honoris Causa) from Global Peace University, the Netherlands and Doctor of Literature (Honoris Causa) from The Global Open University for World Peace, Italy or Outstanding Leadership Award for contribution in the Middle East Peace Process by the United Nations University, International Leadership Academy, Jordan and the Ambassador of Peace award by the International Association of Educators for World Peace, USA. All of these are extraordinary achievements of a genius and amalgamation of karma with bhagya.

Dr Patnaik has achieved many landmarks in a short span. His customized work, exuberant motivational and public relations skills have developed prosper educational organizations/universities reaching great heights.

Dr Patnaik has been putting his august presence in filed works uplifting education and spirituality in India. In his early days, he has served as the Director of specific areas of interest in Sikkim Manipal University of Health, Medical and Technological Sciences; Maharishi Institute of Managements, All India Council for Human Rights and Social Liberties, Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Vinayak Missions Research Foundation and Manipal Academy of Higher Education.

His areas of interest and expertise perhaps don’t have any cusp and they are just like an abyss. His healing touch, talks and the ability to comprehend the vibrations of knowledge in this universe have allowed him to shower his blessings that can be truly reflected from his works touching the horizons of management, spirituality and education. Overall, a philosophical master Dr Jagannath, perhaps, believes in education with humanity.

And, his honesty, integrity and sincerity in this field are well known. The best example of his brilliance is nothing but his selection to edit the spiritual and scientific writings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, one of world’s greatest saints. Nowadays to become a normal human being is difficult but teaching the art of living and articulating the path thereto is no less than service to humanity. Dr Jagannath’s mission will certainly touch the sky.

Mohan Singh Sudan

Ex Planning Commission Member and Policy Expert. Celebrating golden jubilee birthday is a matter of pride. With so much achievement and experience on your side. On this golden jubilee celebration let the people know. Your reservoir of knowledge, experience and skills to show. You have proved that achieving success is not a myth. By working hard with passion and practicing the truth. Your tremendous achievements are admirable and perfect. Hitting an inning of fifty with full of experience and intellect.


Jagannath is truly a very powerful name.
This divine name confers you a true fame.
Highly charismatic vibrations are in this name.
People can think of God by hearing this name.
If someone repeats this name again and again.
Would surely get a shelter in God’s domain.


He is the most humble man who has no pride.
He is a great teacher sincere friend and a guide.
He is a unique person with purity of mind.
His teachings are the purest and very kind.
His mind is always full with praises of God.
All his deeds are without desire and reward.
He spreads the true sermons of one God.
Motivates others to obey the Will of God.


True to his name, he is great charmer.
In education sector he is great performer.
In socio-economic work a great reformer.
In administration too, a great performer.


Has achieved many landmarks in very short span.
Got international recognition in education domain.
Has been moving from strength to strength again.
Striving to be a perfect role model for worldly gain.
He has mastered in all the areas of development.
His magnificent skills can be used in development.


For his outstanding services, received many awards.
Decorated with many prestigious doctorate award.
His scholarly aptitude and flair of writing overall.
Won lot of recognition and love from one and all.


Based on his multifaceted contribution and achievements.
Should be honoured and given a role for overall.


Your Excellency, you deserve everything you ever desire.
Celebrate this golden jubilee birthday and fly still higher.

Air Marshal RK Jolly, VSM, PVSM

Dr Jagannath Patnaik has made some pioneering contributions in the educational world for more than two decades. His educational qualifications are vast and varied covering myriad fields. He has served in many reputed educational institutions and universities as chancellor, pro-chancellor, vice chancellor, director and registrar and has earned accolades for the stimuli he has provided to the educational system in the country. Notable amongst his awards are Ambassador of Peace Award for Humanities by International Association for Educators of World Peace (IAEWP), a UN affiliate in 1999 as well as many doctorates (honoris causa) from the reputed Universities of the world. Further, he has authored a number of books contributing to the realization of a right world order in education development. He is currently in the Core Committee Advisory Group of the International Organisation for Educational Development.

He has penchant interest for spirituality, meditation, and human rights and has effectively communicated the theme of universal brotherhood and compassion. His soon to be published new book is a collection of his life stories. I congratulate him for all his achievements in life.

Bibekananda Das
Senior Journalist, Odisha

Has it really been that long?
Strangers for years,
But I knew all along.
I always cared and I will;
Never did I feel that way until…
I passed my life without you,
But felt you within me, and will always feel.
And this time, this time…
Now I know it for real,
Your company I’ll never spare,
With you, with you I’ll toil.
Back we’re together;
What lies ahead, I wonder…
Forget the past, as so much is left unsaid,
Let’s bury the past, and bury the dead.
I dreamt of you, and the life we shared;
You weren’t gone, I still cared.
I’ll be with you now, with you,
Apart though, I still love you.
The way you caught my heart
None else could share,
I’ll be with you now, with you,
I’ll be with you, with great care.
I envy and covet your ways;
And hold you in high esteem Dr Jagannath!
I promise to follow what you say…
And stride upon your desired path.

Now I know it for real, one may think a person of his age is not well versed with the tunes of the world but forty years of worldly experience and that too with a divine touch has every reason to nullify it. I would always cherish the memories that I share with him, be his talks on philosophy, his motivational attitude and his ability to attract people by virtue of his words. His ability and frankness are the two profiles that irk him to reach the paramount of success, the pinnacle of glory. I dedicate this poem to our childhood cognizance filled with an air of innocence and to tread on his desired path of love.

Dr PK Mishra, IAS (Rtd)
Former Secretary to Government of India

“You have to grow from inside. None can teach you; none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.” Dr Jagannath Patnaik is a glowing example of what Swami Vivekananda had said. He began his spiritual journey very early in life and dedicated himself to selfless service to humanity.

His tireless service has been widely acknowledged, both within and outside India. Great men are known for their humility and unassuming persona. Dr Jagannath Patnaik is no exception. His captivating personality makes even total strangers realise that he is exceptional.

Dr Jagannath Patnaik always convinced me that he is a man with a mission. Such commitment is possible only through total surrender to the Almighty. He looked to me totally soaked in God’s blessings. Love, kindness and compassion keep flowing from him in abundance. He keeps growing in all areas of life—mental, emotional, and spiritual and that has been the key to his success. For Dr Jagannath Patnaik, as Denis Waitley said, “Happiness cannot be travelled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed.”Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.

I wish him success in his spiritual journey. Let his life be the medium through which God manifests His glory.

S.S. Mohapatra,
Former Foreign Diplomat

A jewel or a diamond may be very invaluable and heavy, but without a purchaser it is worth only a straw. A creative genius at his profession often has a thriving personal life. Likewise, a great man is supposedly never a hero to his family.

Dr Jagannath Patnaik, the ‘Young Edupreneur and Modern Saint’ of today’s world, seems to have been an exception to both rules. In this warmly affectionate tribute by family and friends, he stands out as a man who used his own experience as the conscious inspiration for many of his professional coups.

His work accomplishments reveal his foresightedness and vision on the part of one’s character and habit and then embarking upon it immediately, is the key strength to succeed in one’s life. A great and firm believer and follower of his own ethics, values, crafts and principles, he moves selectively and meticulously on a pre-fixed, preset, well-planned and defined path ensuring one hundred percent achievements. He is the master of an agile personality.

Dr Patnaik’s brilliance was first acknowledged when he started his career with His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi as director in his national movements, and he was chosen to edit the spiritual and scientific writings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, one of the world’s greatest saints. This laid the foundation upon which Dr Patnaik started his own spiritual and professional approach. Moreover, it was the burning desire, which was overriding him, which enabled him to find the unobserved world within the material world and lead others on his path. In a short span, he has become one among the well-known educationalists and administrators of our country and a Spiritual Guru.

Dr Patnaik, an embodiment of divine light, took the priceless jewels of wisdom from the sea of knowledge. With this mission, he has toured countries all over the world, sprinkling the nectar of the spiritual awakening and bringing home those who have deviated or forgotten the path of life. This mission is still in process in his mind and action.

He has established an ‘International Centre for Human Consciousness and Research’, an UN affiliate, which is engaged in positive living and peace initiatives.

Ashok Mohapatra, IAS
Former Secretary, Govt of India

Saints form a part of Hindu religion and some saints have left an irremovable impression of their life. Barring a few, a large number of saints have started their own sects. The lifestyle of many misguided people like me, have altered and improved. The holy men coax everyone to repeat His name.

A discourse remains incomplete without three qualities, viz., the example of shabad, experience and rationale reasoning. Dr Patnaikji has spiritual experience and to express it for he has examples of shabads and reasoning.

Only that person can talk out soul and God who has spiritual knowledge, and is a spiritualist. As such, he stays beyond the mind. Being a spiritualist, he talks about heavenly world and only a saint in union with his word can do this. Although he does not dress himself like “sadhus”, yet his mind and soul are in union with God. I got lucky to be one among his audience. He repeats His Name in the ambrosial hours and encourages the Sangat to do so. Whatever he preaches, he practices it too.

Dr Patnaik has vehemently exposed the falsehood of Guru in physical form Dehdhari Guru. The principle of a single light (jyoti) in all the ten manifestations of Guru has been expressed very beautifully. However, a lot of duplicity is prevalent in the religious field. It is generally seen that people dress like a saint, tie a round turban with a rosary in hand. Ordinarily brown, blue or white loose and long clothes are worn. Innocent people are made to follow them. In this manner their ultimate aim is achieved. A ‘saint’ is not the name of any dress. It is the name of conscience. If the conscience is in union with His Name, then one is a saint, otherwise one cannot be called a saint.

Dr Patnaik the great wears a simple dress. He has no code of conduct of his own. He propagates the code of conduct of Hinduism. He does not construct any ashram of his own. Therefore, he is not considered a saint. Nevertheless, if we see with deep insight, then his life story indicates that his thought-waves are touching the celestial spheres.

Dr Srikant Mishra
Eminent Poet and Syndicate Member, Utkal University

Dr Jagannath Patnaik, a paragon of a personality, an epitome of virtues and an available treasure of abilities for all near and far, is always looked upon by many with various expectations. He is tall not only physically but also in a series of qualities. Widely known as a vanguard of education and educational administration at home and abroad, he has lots of laurels and presentations to his credit.

The Lord Pundit, as he is popularly known, is one of those who dwell in the joy of living for others. He has immense practical wisdom as an educationalist, a visionary whose vision extends far off shores illuminating the light of knowledge. Lord Pundit is a title awarded by Lama Gangchen World Peace Foundation, Italy.

As I know Jagannathji, he is a friend to all from all walks of life. He has an enormous mastery in maintaining friendship amid sun and rain. A philanthropist, known also for charity, purity and service to humanity in many ways, he is also an expert in spiritual healings.

A person, who takes pain to maintain touch with most of his friends regularly, could only be believed if experienced. It may sound normally easy, but indeed, it is big to do so even one-sided. I would attribute this nature to his magnanimity along with a pure and generous mind that reflects in his personality and could be followed as a role model.

Decades before when I first met Dr Jagannath Patnaik, may be he was hardly 22–23 years old. It will not negate veracity if I mention here of an aura of involution that I did notice around him probably which cropped up to his being called a ‘Lord Pundit’ today.

Besides a long list of possessions and designations held, laurels earned and worldwide recognitions acclaimed as his CV reads, runs into pages. The most significant trait of his personality probably comes out of the divinity he radiates. An appearance of a yogi, lifestyle of a luxurious rich corporate, magically content even in any odd given living condition, a distinct balanced mind in pleasure and pathos evenly attributes him to a ‘sthitapragyan’, ‘sthira’. May this match and mismatch or appear enigmatic but certainly Dr Patnaik is a relevant character in the service of mankind.

DR Nepal
Secretary, Govt. of Sikkim

The life of Dr Patnaik is nectarous. Only by sitting near him, mind would be at peace. His utterances would become sweet and extremely juicy. These sweet words and ambrosial looks contain the symbol of reaching heaven. Such utterances and looks fill nectar in life. The fragrance of a chandan (sandalwood) tree fills the entire forest. In the same manner, immediately on the arrival of the Holy Dr Patnaik the Sai Junior, the fragrance of his sweet talk spreads in the whole area. It appears, as if we are having a vision of a great chaste soul, spiritualist and saint; a person God-knowing and complete in all respects.

I had a lucky time to have the company of this great person for quite some time in the past. Every year I used to get two or four weeks when I’m away from my family. Then I used to have no other work except to listen to his discourses and Kirtan the whole day.

I used to see ‘riddhi’ and ‘siddhi’ and all super natural powers going around this holy person; greatness, wealth, respect paying and applause being showered by the Sangat. There used to be pin-drop silence in the congregation hall and it would seem that only the great person alone is there delivering his sermon. Since God resides in the hearts of holy men and saints, so there used to be an instant impression on the entire congregation.

By only putting the dust of the feet of such disciples on the forehead, the life undergoes a change and one gets a proper way. ‘Saint’ is the name of the state, which is the zenith of the spiritual world. The tongue of the saint is equipped with the gems of the spiritual knowledge. His training is fruitful. There is power in his utterances, nectar in his looks, and revolution in his feet and growth in his hands. He remains satisfied and does not advertise his existence. To pray for every being’s welfare is the life of a saint. Dr Patnaik’s life is comparable to these qualities of a saint. Therefore, it is a fact that though he wore a shirt, and trousers, yet he is a great saint and God-knowing person of the present times due to his inner conscience. For the last twenty-five years, he has been trying to bring his congregation closer to God.

He also impresses upon the disciples to follow the inner heart of their own self and be close to God. He meditates in theambrosial hours of the early morning and coaxes the disciples to do so.

Sarat Kar
Former Speaker, Odisha Legislative Assembly

Dr Jagannath, you are spiritually aware, a visionary, inspiring, charismatic, inventive, a dreamer, idealistic and a deep thinker. You rely on faith rather than logic to deal with life and all it has to offer. Much is expected of you having the master for enlightenment. Your purpose in life is to give inspiration to others.

You possess an inordinate amount of energy and intuition, and you can inspire people even effortlessly. Take full advantage of your powers; you must develop yourself sufficiently and surrender yourself to higher ideals. You will find success in fields that let you be a teacher, diplomat or a speaker. All fields where you can utilize your considerable talent are aimed at uplifting and inspiring others.

I always admire the people who know how to stand for themselves when they know they are right. I believe that your life should not be a plane zone. It should be a wonderful and inspirational journey. What can be better than this when people look up to you?

I do not think being only a public figure is a part of motivation and inspiration. The general people who strive everyday 9 to 9 to manage their family and do all possible things to bring smile on the face of their children, according to me, is more rewarding. These people are not in limelight but even their admirable little achievements should not go in vain.

Niranjan Patnaik
Former Minister and Senior Congress Leader, Odisha

Dr Patnaik has always enjoyed reading. Besides material in his field of study, his reading ranges from fiction to complex scientific theories. He sometimes reads Bhagavad Gita for devotion. His wife teases him that he reads too much Bhagavad Gita because he tends to look at signs or a series of numbers and symbols from right to left, rather than left to right.

Dr Patnaik is a careful and a creative thinker, researcher and writer. He has done years of work on details of Bhagavad Gita and compared his study based on modern science and Vedic science. He is disciplined. His teaching is well organized and presentable. He writes and speaks with precision and clarity and discovers the freshness and vitality in his work.

He is creative and courageous. The article that he wrote with Bhagavad Gita about Prakriti and Purush, ‘A Comparative Study of Vedic Science and Modern Science’ was a very important signal of Dr Patnaik’s capacity and commitment to rethink issues in new ways. The research and writing he continues to do on marriage and divorce is based on details of ancient biblical texts, but it is a creative work that is published in some of the best journals in his field.

In addition, there is always a keen sense of the pastoral implications of these ideas. Whether it ranges from marriage to temple leadership, from disabilities to discipleship, or from ancient temple to the contemporary temple, he is sensitive to the ramifications for the life. “Sir, you are one person, who should be venerated; and we shall”.

Dr Raju Chandrasekar
Chancellor, Emeritus, Jinja, Uganda and Eminent Educationalist

Dr Jagannath Patnaik is genuinely a man of God. He has authored many magazines and newspaper articles. Above all is the witness of his simple, humble, prayerful life.

Dr Patnaik could have become an eminent cleric in a prestigious order. But the Lord enticed his heart and led him through unbeaten paths. And all along he has been one of the great administrators in education and a master of spirituality. He is a man of ecumenical outlook, Gospel simplicity and have done great service to spread the realm of the knowledge of God.

He is indeed a man of God, a man of simplicity and humility. His approach has been personal, keeping to the tradition of the Indian sadhu. I appreciated very much your books and reflections. They helped me very much in my spiritual life. I am sure your messages and writings would move the people and help them in their spiritual growth. You have a gift for putting the words in a simple and attractive form. Congratulations for the number of books you have published. All the books speak of the loving God and not of the punishing God.

NL Mounzaka, IRTS

It was Dr Patnaik’s great good fortune that he took leadership roles in various institutions and what an eventful and wonderful journey it has been for him, for his work and for all of us. Over the years, he has grown like a massive oak, whose endearing branches have given and still continue to give that essential shade and comfort to many young and old, near and afar, exuding a certain vibrancy and fragrance of rectitude, dignity and integrity, and values he endeavoured to instill in all of us.

For the relentless and dedicated service he has rendered with such loving care to his organizations where he served in complete dedication and ‘apnapan’. He will remain one of the most distinguished noble sons of Mother Earth. Generations of people, young and old, from all walks of life, all over the world will bow their heads in deep respect and gratitude for all that he has done and continues to do for them and for the country.

There have been many such administrators but Dr Patnaik is unique; this uniqueness is explained adequately by a famous quotation, “The jack of all trades and sky is the limit”. He was, he is and he will be an inspiration to all of us, hopefully for a long time. Briefly, he is an island of excellence in a sea of mediocrity.

He has character and integrity, and never hesitates to call a spade a spade. Every time I meet this noble personality, either at his residence or at his office, never did I fail to worship him in our traditional style, irrespective of what attire I wore, whether that of a professional or that of a civilian.

In this context what would be a better way before I sign off, other than quoting, “Let your ‘apnapan’ keep lighting all souls of the world, one and all”!

Dr Aditya Arya IPS, Former DGP Goa
Former Special Commisssioner of Police, President House, New Delhi

It is with a sense of admiration and love for this colossus in the field of education, that I write this appreciation of a person of distinction, viz., Dr Jagannath Patnaik. He is not only a doyen in the field of education, where he has excelled by becoming one of the great administrators and project planners of many institutions, but also he has been a humane, humble, benevolent son of Mother India. He is a gifted and noble educationist par excellence and endeared himself for over 25 years to his work accomplishments by dint of his dedication and sincerity. In conclusion, it is my earnest hope and prayer that this benevolent, humane, humble and gifted son of Mother India, continues to serve our motherland, for many more years as an educationist par excellence.

S.K. Tamotia

Dr Jagannath Patnaik is a multi-faceted personality. He is often labelled as an educationist and spiritual motivator. Would that be appropriate? Well, he is certainly that but not only that. The injustice in confining him to this one compartment would be evident the moment we get to hear his erudite comments on various issues, some far removed from the fields of educational administration, and even education, for that matter. His compass is indeed very wide. He is a hard-core project planner and earned a worldwide reputation as a theoretical particle architect or builder. He is an inter-faith motivator par excellence, having taught to a fairly large group of people in the country and overseas.

He is an international authority on educational development, having been very active in the development of institutions in India and overseas. He is a good orator and writes proficiently. He is an institution-builder and one does not have to go beyond saying that he is a good nurturer of talent both individual and institutional.

Dr Patnaik is a thinker with wide interests. He is just not a laboratory or armchair-educationalist but has moved widely in the society directing his thoughts on innovative systems in educational development. At a casual encounter, one may find him to be a rather serious introvert, but once you get to know him, you find the witty, even mischievous side of his persona. Above all, he is very honest and transparent in his personal and public dealings. How would you then describe him finally, perhaps simply as a fine human being? He has always shunned publicity. He has preferred to do his work patiently and diligently away from the limelight. That is perhaps the reason he remains unknown to many. Many of us know Dr Patnaik had a brilliant academic career, but only a few may know that very early in his life he must have decided to make a career in education and was highly motivated. A sense of overall perseverance in overcoming personal challenges during early phases in his career helped him achieve his chosen end.

For me, Dr Patnaik is a perfect gentleman, a loyal friend and a tower of strength in the time of need. On several occasions of students’ agitations, his qualities of the ‘head and the heart’ diffused crises. He is a man of many qualities. Despite his problems of an assorted nature, he would always keep his cool. He is a sincere and loyal friend, always ready to help. In teamwork, he would shine as a leader of all. For him, family and friends are of equal value, helping all of them to his best capacity.

Vinod Tibrewal
Chancellor, JJTU

Dr Jagannath Patnaik is hardworking, dedicated to scholarship, knowledgeable in other disciplines, uncompromising in standards and principles, progressive minded, nationalist to the core and striving to achieve excellence in whatever he does at all times. He is simply a scholar par excellence and a model to students, scholars, scientists, nationalists, progressives and administrators.

Dr Patnaik’s academic as well as administrative contributions in and out of the university system are qualitatively enormous. A very simple, down-to-earth, Dr Patnaik is always dressed very modestly. However, if one agrees that the best thing one can wear is the expression on one’s face, then he with his smile is one of the best dressed people, like a king. He has conquered ego, the biggest enemy of mankind, and would speak to anyone politely and treat all courteously.

Impeccable integrity, sterling reputation of the highest order elevated him to the post of chancellor, pro-chancellor, vice-chancellor, besides many distinguished positions in education. I have no doubt that he will one day be a master above all.

But the single most striking attribute is that he is completely non-materialistic. It will be difficult to believe for generations to come, that such a man still lives on this Mother Earth.

Dr Ashok Yende, Professor and Head
Department of Law, University of Mumbai

I feel delighted to write foreword message to a book on The Veracity of Truth, written by Dr Jagannath Patnaik, the vice-chancellor of Kalinga University. There is acute scarcity of living role models like Dr Jagannath B Patnaik. He is widely acclaimed as the Bhishma Pitamah of state politics, with a rare combination of a scholar, journalist, litterateur, a wily and successful politician, erudite Sanskrit scholar, visionary and moreover a great human being.

The work of author is original and is an outcome of own experiences. The author has enlightened us about his contribution in politics, commitment to the nation, his spiritual powers, his life and journey and his admiration to the cause of society. The autobiography of such great persons has always been a source of inspiration and motivation for generations to come, and explored many insights of which we are ignorant. This will enlighten common people to overcome their problems and struggles in life. The name “Jagannath” meaning “Lord of the Universe” itself indicates deep feeling of spirituality and reverence.

The book will help common people to explore their hidden talents and potential. Vice Chancellor Dr Patnaik deserves to be congratulated for this commendable work, produced after intensive research and presented with honest expression, serious purpose and in a simple and lucid language.

I am sure that the book will prove to be great a intellectual asset, life-changing experience, and will open the eyes of young generation to see the truth.

Dr Aruna Palta
Principal, Dr Radha Bai Government Naveen Kanya College, Raipur

It is my proud privilege to express my views about Dr Jagannath Patnaik, a well-known educationalist and administrator of our country. Presently working as Vice Chancellor of Kalinga University—a prestigious institution of Raipur (Chhattisgarh), he has served in many reputed educational organizations and universities at important positions.

Foresightedness and vision is a part of his character and that lends him success in all walks of life. Master of an agile personality and blessed with exuberant motivational and public relations skills, Dr Patnaik has achieved many landmarks in his career. A versatile person, very humane in his consideration, philanthropic in his orientation and expert in academic administration, Dr Patnaik is an academician par excellence.

I sincerely wish him success in all his forthcoming endeavours and pursuits.

Nalini Kamalini
Kathak duo, Varanasi Gharana

This book is self-discovery of Dr J. Patnaik: full of experience, struggle, and then overcoming it. Dr J. Patnaik is a dynamic personality; it is the best way to showcase his multifaceted quality. He is a versatile person, very humane in his consideration, philanthropic in his orientation and expert in academic administration and as though all these were not enough, he has developed a specific method for spiritual development and miracle healings and the areas of his interest and expertise are almost endless.

As a Kathak dancer, my association with him dates back to one decade in Sikkim, where we were invited by the governor Shri Kedar Nath Sahaniji to present a series of concert at the Raj Bhavan and other institutions including Manipal University where Dr Patnaik was heading the university. He is fond of intellectual association and will continue it forever. I have observed Dr Patnaik in a variety of settings. Based on this longevity and variety of multifarious activities our good wishes are always with him. May he continue his long wonderful fortunate, blissful journey and remain a trendsetter for educationists.

Adv. Hemant Goyal

Jagannath Patnaik, you are an incarnation of love that strengthens the urge to live meaningfully. The simplicity and the limpidity of your literary style and the moving appeal of images you employ, together with the prayerful sentiments that pervade the whole work made a deep impression on us.

I read and reread your books with much spiritual profit. Your life seems to me to be a singular grace from God I am struck by the simplicity of the subject matters which seem to be a new pedagogical and psychological approach to a large section of human society. This method of bringing the message of God to people seems to have much in common with the way our Lord brought his message in parables.

I am tremendously interested in your work and your way of life and I believe many other people in this country would be too.

Nihar Samantra
Software entrepreneur, Bangalore

With hard work, innovative acumen and farsightedness, Dr Jagannath Patnaik has transformed many institutions, universities and schools into epitomes of nation building and character building, a beacon amidst an ocean of backwardness. He has been the driving force behind many a move. For the last twenty-five years, and indeed his whole life, the benefits that he has brought to, and the social and economic changes that he has wrought in certain parts of country have been stupendous.

Dr Patnaik is spearheading a movement of sorts to weed out the age-old social stigmas of illiteracy, untouchability, castes, communalism, and above all, the wide-spread and deeprooted poverty. He knows for sure, the key to all this is education; the education, which is in consonance with the needs and the aspirations of India’s large rurality; the education, which acts as a catalyst to an all-out human development. A quintessence of altruism and an amalgam of many rare qualities, Dr Patnaik is a poet, writer and motivator of substance, and his communicative skill makes him a vanguard of rural masses among whom he has been assiduously working. An essential element in Dr Patnaik’s personal magnetism is his consummate sincerity and singleness of purpose, which has earned him internal satisfaction and external success. He also has inveterate and indomitable respect for India’s great culture and ethos, with no less discernment for the demands of the modern times, thus a meaningful and pragmatic matrix in the contemporary milieu. He has always held service to humanity to be his primary creed, no matter what the other’s position or religions.

SD Dhakal, SCS
Chief Administrator, State Institute of Capacity Building, Sikkim

Dr Jagannath Patnaik is a man who never fails to impress greatly those with whom he comes in contact, even when their opinion is the very reverse of his. The impression he gives is that of boundless strength, together with talents, which combined with such apparent force of will and character that seems capable of dominating the world. Everybody who has met him, both friends and foes, anticipates that he would definitely play a conspicuous part in public life.

It is seldom that men produce so great an immediate effect by speech, unless they, in some degree, lay themselves out for it; and he did this in no ordinary degree. Dr Patnaik loves to strike, and even to startle. He knows that decision is the greatest element of effect, and he uttered his opinions with all the decision he could throw into them, never so well pleased as when he astonished any one by their audacity.

SPS Yadav, IPS
Former Police Commissioner, Thane, Maharastra

Dr Jagannath Patnaik, most popularly known as Lord Pundit, is a corporate mentor and an educationalist, serving in both the fields for the last 20 years.

He has been on a mission of learning and spreading knowledge with joy and fun. He has been one of the resources to several educational organizations like Manipal University, Bharati Vidyapeeth, Kalinga University and many more in achieving more than what seems possible.

He is a charismatic leader capable of inspiring his followers to achieve greater goals in life and to reach their full potential. He is a person who will know you, inspire you and educate you.

His arrival, talks, discussions etc. are much awaited by one and all. Known for his creativity, enthusiasm, vivacity are just few of the qualities that anyone who knows him would vouch for. Dr Patnaik time and again inspires people around him by his excellent leadership skills and more importantly by being who he is!

I wish him good luck with his noble work of imparting education Dr Patnaik is a person who can bring life to even to the most dull situations and words. Let Dr Patnaik be committed to a world full of happiness and creativity.

Colonel HS Mohapatra

Dr Jagannath Patnaik has a vibrant personality. As a mentor he is too good to guide people and is always ready to help others. He has an in-depth knowledge of the industry and has an impeccable instructional capability with a pleasing demeanour. Other than the knowledge, he is a very kind person and a good mentor.

His suggestions on career and education have helped me a lot in achieving success in the corporate world.

Dr Patnaik is an artist of psychology! He can bring life to words and his words literally inspire all kind of living entities on Earth. A true motivational leader and speaker and only one of a kind that I have seen ever!

Upendra Tripathy, IAS
Secretary, Government of India

Dr Jagannath Patnaik knows his trade very well and is backed by his solid and absolute grip in consultancy. He has great acumen to be an educationalist par excellence, given his dedication, tenacity and hunger for perfection.

He has shown a very unique perception and techniques towards life that are very useful in the corporate world.

His suggestion on career and education has helped me and a large number of his participants a lot in achieving success in the corporate world. A great orator, presenter and motivator may be some of the words to describe Dr Patnaik.

Arun Kumar, MP

Dr Jagannath Patnaik is a person with charismatic personality and diverse knowledge. As an educator he has all the qualities of delivering, convincing and creating interest in the field of education and spirituality. He is a spontaneous and creative person. I read the book (The Veracity of Truth) with interest. It is indeed a work of noble thoughts, high ideals and practical wisdom.

Astabhuja Prasad ShuklaFormer MP, Lok Sabha

Words can’t describe Dr Jagannath Patnaik’s expertise as an educator or his spiritual teachings and the energy of enlightenment that he could boost you with.

Dr Patnaik is an educator par excellence. In my association with him over the past 20 years, I have found him to be a good communicator with great analytical and problem-solving skills. He is a good career guide and has given valuable inputs regarding the same which have been of immense help to me. He is pragmatic and practical in his approach; and easy to connect with which as per me is his greatest strength.

He is an energetic, organised and methodical person with a high level of creativity and commitment. I would like to appreciate his positive attitude and keen interest in learning new things. He is a great mentor and a motivator too. His presentation style is open, engaging and in-depth with the topic. He is capable of handling all the circumstances with thoughtfulness and maturity.

Murali Jena
Former MP, Lok Sabha

It is truly a pleasure and honour to have known Dr Jagannath Patnaik. He is a remarkable mentor who tirelessly coach and share all his expertise and wisdom with the learners. He is a charismatic leader capable of inspiring his followers to achieve greater goals in life to reach their full potential. He is a person who would know, inspire and educate you.

He spends more time in discharging his social responsibilities. Philanthropy is close to his heart. Social causes close to his heart are, among others, eradication of child labour, female-child education, and rescuing people in distress.

Dr Priya Ranjan Trivedi

Dr Jagannath Patnaik is thoroughly professional and has the ability to take his team along. He is rational and absolutely logical in approach to any problem situation. I had an opportunity to associate with him and found him to be an extremely pleasant person. He believes in team work and motivates the team by personal example. He would definitely be an asset to any organisation or wherever he works. Extremely approachable and the person you look up to as your ideal.

Great storytelling! And above all he speaks from not only experience and vast array of knowledge, but from his heart and soul. His strategies to assist people in need and open to learning have amazed all of us all along.

Ranvir Dutta

How much time does it take for anyone to become a great educator, an expert psychologist, an effective counselor or an interesting writer? No, let me revise all the questions. Is it possible to become all of these in one’s lifetime? Yes, Dr Jagannath Patnaik is a personified answer to these questions.

What amazes me the most is the way he successfully switches between these different roles and the passion he plays them with. He wouldn’t have reached the zenith in all these intellectual areas if he hadn’t given the emotional touch to them.

All these achievements may need just an intellectual ability. But deeds like helping thousands of children in rehabilitation need a humane approach and emotional sensitivity. Dr Patnaik, with this blend of knowledge and a wonderful heart, is a great human being too.

CA Samir Samal
Chartered Accountant

Dr Jagannath Patnaik is known to me for about two decades. He has done immense good for the cause of religion in promoting knowledge and love and service of God for all classes of people, especially among young people his style is simple. He gets the message across elegantly using most of the time, illustrations from the life of common people around or using the simple facts and principles from the world of science. His books are basically religious in trend, but always clearly transcending the narrow bounds of race, caste, creed or nationality. He is most commonly known as a peripatetic witness, “pro deo et patria”, who has been romoting peace, goodwill and universal brotherhood.

It has been most interesting and pleasing to see the beautiful service you have been rendering to God, your family, the temple and the society at large. Forgive my enthusiastic observations which are not meant as vain compliments. I have a magnificent impression of your life and work and it seems natural for me to tell you about it in total confidence. May the Lord abundantly bless your daily dedication to the aforesaid services.

Sampson David

I am acquainted with Dr Jagannath Patnaik for the past few years, and he has been offering uncommon expertise and leadership abilities with an amazing vision particularly towards youth-centric education. Further, he possesses tremendous educationalist talents that are demonstrated in his inspiring professional portfolio. Dr Patnaik’s thoughtful knowledge on student psychology and stress-free education methodology is pivotal, while his pedagogy’s proven outcome has created wonders.

For me, getting an opportunity to know Dr Patnaik who is a an institution builder from scratch to a meaningful learning space for the future generation children is praiseworthy. Only a few individual stand up for their principles without letting go for any reason. Dr Patnaik is one such person! My best wishes to Dr Patnaik for his future endeavour!

Adv. Bipin Ratha

Few come into our lives and leave footprints that last a lifetime. Dr Jagannath Patnaik is one such precious individual. His wisdom, graciousness, humility, selfless love, integrity and passion for life are inspiring. These virtues emanate from his deep spirituality, which undoubtedly is the driving force in his life. He is an individual who has embraced life purposefully and lives intentionally in fulfilling that purpose. This is evident in the vocation he has carved out for himself.

His remarkable work particularly in education development, which I have had the privilege of experiencing, is par excellence. Life has been gracious enough to allow him the joy of seeing many such people prosper. He pursues with great determination, his quest to transform the present educational system, that according to him, stifles joy, creativity and potential of the child, spewing out only a generation that is intellectually stagnant, spiritually lost and socially incompetent.

He has facilitated change by advocating in and consulting for several schools, colleges, institutions and universities around the country to set up an educational platform that honours the joy of childhood and values of life.

I applaud his commitment, his persistence and his transformative leadership. There is no doubt that he will accomplish all that he has set out to do. He will walk the hall of fame in his lifetime and will do so unassumingly. He will continue to grace every life he encounters with the sweetness of his spirit and utmost love. I am honoured that I have a privilege of knowing him now as a fellow pilgrim, a brother, a role model, a mentor and most importantly as my friend!

B.R. Shetty
Industrialist, UAE

Dr Jagannath Patnaik is a personification of exceptional leadership ability, with an accomplished track record in articulating a compelling vision and successfully leading institutional change while responding to diverse challenges and interests. He has proven proficiency in attracting meaningful collaborations from public and private sectors at local and international levels. He has actively initiated long-term programmes with leading international universities around the world. He has received many recognitions and awards from leading organizations and illustrious personalities for his achievement and success in business. In recognition of his work in supporting people not only in his own country, India, but also in supporting universities in developing its international collaborations in many countries including those in West Asia.

Latha Shetty
Advocate, Bengaluru

I have known Dr Patnaik, a wonderful, charismatic and inspiring personality for the past 16 years, and during these years, he has been an adviser and a guide to me and a family member.

During times of anxiety, stress, confusions and disappointments, all I had to do is just dial the number of Dr Patnaik. The advice, guidance, assurance, hope etc. which he communicates to us would in itself solve most of the complications.

Dr Patnaik’s advise to approach life with a positive attitude helps us cross several hurdles that we face in our daily lives.

Dr Patnaik is blessed with a power to predict future, which he uses to assist his near and dear ones to achieve their goals in life. His presence around you brings positivity and guidance shows you the right path. His words boosts our confidence. I am blessed to have a friend and guide like Dr Patnaik.

Prabir Behera
Former DGM, SAIL

It is a privilege for me to express a few words about a person, whom I have accepted as my saviour and he is non other than Dr Jagannath Patnaik.

Dr Jagannath Patnaik is an “institution” in himself, with a perfect blend of “human, social values and an academician par excellence”. He is a great patron of human values, a friend and philosopher and guide, a visionary and a leader, an excellent administrator, a remarkable institute builder and a loving “Guruji”, also popularly known as “Lord Pundit”.

He is accredited with building of institutions that have alleviated the course of lives of thousands of students. He is a visionary and his horizons are always set on even bigger goals.

A versatile persona and philanthropist, Dr Patnaik has the skill and proficiency to attract meaningful collaborations from public and private sectors in national and international levels.

A proficient writer and thinker, Dr Patnaik, through his books and other writings especially his book, Journey of a Curious Mind, has been constantly an endeavour of soul-searching; thereby inspiring and motivating people to understand happiness and connect to spiritualism!

Born during annual Rathyatra of Lord Jagannath, he was surely a blessed one, encountered with spiritual powers by the Lord, which near and dear ones around must have literally taken him to be Lord Jagannath himself!

He loves people and is always smiling, eager to show path to his disciples and tries his spiritual best to overcome their problems and sufferings. His lucid words always bear extra weight and character. He possess such godly qualities of head and heart that people remain glued to listen to him and his magical power.

It is auspicious too for me and my family to have been associated with him, his parents, his family and relatives. To our family, he is simply not a man, but a superman, a loving and welcoming person who does not deny things and extends all help to poor and needy people without any hesitation. He is our brother, savior, guide, teacher and a family member too! Thanks to the parents, who has given birth to such a child!

Dear Bui (fondly named by the family), you are the one who kindly helped me a lot, guides me always and ever wakens me up to never give up to have a meaningful life!

My learning is still in process.

I am extremely thankful and fortunate to extend my best wishes for the book The Veracity of Truth to be published and released commemorating your golden jubilee 50th birthday celebrations on 27th July! What a privilege it is for me to wish you. Dear Bui, a happy birthday and congratulate you on turning 50. You are such a special person who has been an amazing influence in my life. I wish nothing but great things for you as you enter your sixth decade. I am so lucky to have you in my life and I hope you live to be a hundred!

Kappy Singh and Sumiti
IT Entreprenuers, Australia

“In simple words you have given me a new life and new horizon of life. My life would not have been this beautiful like this if you weren’t in my life. I’m so lucky to have someone worrying about me more than I do and always blessing me and always ready to listen to me no matter how silly I’m talking. Your way of giving importance to every single thing in life have taught me lots.”

Shashi Kant
IPS DGP Punjab (Retd)

I have known Dr Jagannath Patnaik as an educationist. He is not only a role model in the world of education but also involved in countless areas of services in skills developments, human rights, social work etc.

Dr Patnaik has had an exceptional career as a vice chancellor, director and registrar of various universities in India and abroad and has been instrumental in the establishment of various medical, dental, management, technology and public schools for almost 25 years leading its activities. I continue to be impressed by his commitment in his service to the profession and professional education development. He has accomplished so much, and he has remained modest in a profession and needs recognition.

Let there be more precious moments in life, and as people say, old is gold!

Dr Anton Todorov
President of Royal Academy of United Nations—Bulgaria and Switzerland

Dr Jagannath Patnaik is well known in India and abroad, for his authenticity, simplicity in lifestyle, clarity of thought, passion for truth and truthfulness, brilliant speeches and prolific writing. Above all he is known as an apostle of tolerance and love. God’s goodness and love toward the whole creation, especially mankind, is the dominant theme of his speeches and writings. He is known and applauded beyond the boundaries of caste and creed, language and nationality that he has transcended through his love for humanity. He has lived the life of a vagabond for so many years spreading the good news of God’s love for each and everyone and witnessing to it through his Spartan lifestyle.

I have read the book without stopping late into the night; it has made me pray; it has made me feel vividly the divine power of that love which our Lord came to reveal and make present in our midst.

Cdr Dr Bhushan Dewan
Founding Provost (Vice Chancellor)
Somaiya Vidyavihar, Mumbai

Dr Patnaik has an exemplary and enviable track record of high-level contributions in several fields: Spiritual, intellectual and academic. A consistent untiring builder of institutions, Dr Jagannath can always be trusted to conceptualise lofty visions as well as sustained delivery on them.

I have had the privilege of knowing him from close quarters and find his positivity, commitment and integrity inspiring and endearing.

A prolific networker, there is no walk of life in which he does not have trusted admirers and friends all along.

He makes available his skills, network available generously to others for solving their problems as well as enabling their growth.

It is my heartfelt wish and prayer that the Almighty always reward handsomely the deeds and efforts of Dr Jagannath in more than abundant measure.