An Indomitable Warrior

An indomitable warrior

In keeping with the humble upbringing Dr Jagannath Patnaik maintains a simple lifestyle and is described as a leader by his
staff and peers; his dedication and the will to reform society makes him stand out. Time, Life and World are three most
cruel creatures ever created. They do not give you many chances. They do not listen to explanations. They do not always
understand you. But here he has many internal conflicts put forth in his thoughts for contemplation; give them as much time,
take as many chances he wants and expresses himself freely.

In my own lexis

Here I share the ideas erupting from my core and a few pages from my life. Greatest souls of all times have also been great
thinkers and a good thought rises from the depths of a clean conscience. It is important to listen to our conscience whenever
we are in dilemma. It is important to keep one’s conscience alive by constant introspection. In the words of Dr Kalam, “A
virtuous man alone can use the instrument of conscience.” The conscience can be elevated to divinity by art which “helps to
bring out the beauty of life in its noblest forms, imparting meaning and depth to human existence, justifying and vindicating
the purpose for which life was evolved.”
Success can only come to us by courageous devotion to the task lying in front of us. What we lack is perhaps courage, or
perhaps driving force, which takes one anywhere. We have developed an inferiority complex. I think what is need in India
today is the destruction of that defeatist spirit. We need a spirit of victory, a spirit that will carry us to our rightful place
under the Sun, a spirit that can recognize that WE, as inheritors of a proud civilization, are entitled to our rightful place on
this planet. If that indomitable spirit were to arise, nothing can hold us from achieving our rightful destiny.
I have no special talents. But I am only passionately curious. It seems like a good idea to start a book about curiosity by
asking an obvious question: How nice would it be if someone like me writes a book on curiosity!