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  • YOUR DOOR TO THE FUTUREEducation or vidya is the only way to empower a dream. Those who want to shape the future of their milieu become a warrior of education.Dr Jagannath Patnaik is a true leader with a mission. His life has a goal to see world changing by his dedicated efforts in the field of education and social service. It is said a pure soul can change millions[…]

  • EVERY CHILD YEARNS TO LEARNMy observations about Dr Patnaik are based on many years of my personal friendship with him. I see his life as God’s creative artistry blending wisdom, discipline,compassion, courage and dignity into a distinctive beauty. His life is rich in study,experience and human relationship[…]

  • SOARING TO EXCELLENCEThough I had never seen or met him before, I discovered Dr Jagannath Patnaik on LinkedIn. Later after reading his profile, I realised his achievements in educational sectors. I was then contemplating to know more about him, and found that after a discussion with a friend. I find Dr Jagannath to be a fountainhead of experience and wisdom[…]


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