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Thank you for visiting my website. You’ll see here that there’s a consistent mission of my life what all I do. In a sentence, it’s to transform the culture of education and organizations with a richer conception of ethics, human creativity and rationality. If that resonates with you, I trust you’ll come back often.
A biography undoubtedly is the story of one’s life to connect to the world.
My story begins in perplexity, and then enters into a troubled and unsystematic awakening. It culminates in the attainment of a clear sense of purpose and conviction that the coming of great world of order is real and sure; if our life aligns the notion of humanity then merely a great tomorrow and great world is certain.
You can read some of my stories of childhood life and you find out how the secrets of success happen to you. There’s also a blog with regular posts on what I’m up to and people say about me. Therefore, this biography plans itself as the crystallization of a system of creative realizations in one particular mind with various incidentals, good, interesting or curious personal things that happened by the way..


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